1. How are companies ranked in the search results?

First by completeness of profile, if that is equal it is a random order.

2. Will there be ratings/reviews?

Ultimately we love the idea of adding context and community intelligence to the directory using reviews and/or ratings. Ultimately this will be a part of the site in some capacity.

3. How does a company become the ‘featured listing’ for a search query?

This is a paid advertisement. If interested in advertising your company through this increased exposure on the website, please use your advertisement interest form [link].

4. How is an agency, vendor and consultant defined?

Agency: a service business dedicated to creating, planning and handling social media (and sometimes other forms of promotion) for its clients.
Examples: PR Firms, boutique social media shops, consulting groups

Vendor: a niche social media related service provider, dedicated to a software or production solution for clients.
Examples: monitoring software, email marketing solutions, viral video creators

Consultants: a person offering social media planning, creative or management services to clients, on contract or freelance terms.
Examples: blogger outreach consultant, freelance community manager, an independent social media analyst

5. How does one make suggestions?