Marketing + Branding + Design by Chris Moody

Consultant / Raleigh, NC - USA

A seasoned social media pro with experience in marketing, branding, social and design. Excels at tying social media to real business goals.

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  • Chris is known for his dedication as well as passion for marketing and social media. His creativity and commitment to see projects through made it a pleasure to work alongside him and his team. I had the privilege of documenting Chris and his team from as they launched free at SXSW 2010. This particular booth was well known throughout the trade show due to the connections Chris had as well as his incredible creativity. The launch was an absolute homerun. Chris is a forward thinker who is willing to take risk in order to continue to grow. He is not satisfied with mediocrity and will always push for quality. I would welcome any opportunity to work with him again and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a high capacity business partner.

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