Argyle Social

Vendor / Durham, NC - USA

A business-class social media marketing dashboard that combines multi-channel publishing, customer engagement and ROI analytics.

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  • "Argyle not only helps me see which social channels are driving more qualified traffic to the website, but also helps me understand how. Using Argyle’s web analytics integration, I can see that social visitors to our site stay longer, have a lower bounce rate, and more. Those are the social media metrics that matter most to us."

  • “Before Argyle, we had an idea what posts were more effective, but it was all guesswork. Now, I can show that, for example, 10% of our blog traffic is driven through social media. Insights like that are actionable."

  • Lots of love in 140 characters or less. Hear what real people are saying about Argyle Social on Twitter!

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